Due to the Coronavirus preacautions, ELBC will not meet at our church building until further notice. 

However, we will post our service on our website, our ELBC Facebook Page and YouTube Channel at 11am cst. 

The Pastor's Pen

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The Pastor's Pen is a periodic column devoted to articulating biblical, theological, and practical teaching for God-honoring, Christ-exalting Christian living.


What Was God Doing?

The Pastor's Pen- Feature (1)

The year 2020 is history, but it will be archived in our minds for the remainder of our days. It was an extraordinary year that is now in our rearview mirror, yet a question about what God was doing remains. To answer our query, we turn to Scripture. We ask what God was doing in 2020 because Scripture is relentless in asserting the sovereign governance of God over the ent...

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Race: A Biblical and Theological Perspective

Race_ A Biblical And Theological Perspective- Feature (1)

"Race: A Biblical and Theological Perspective" first appeared in ELBC's newsletter, "Foundations," February 1996. It is presented here with minor changes from the original publication....

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