Missionaries in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa

James and Cheryl Pridgen

The Pridgen Family

Pridgen Family PhotoChristians have a mission imperative given to them by the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). The mission is termed the Great Commission.  Its mandate has not been rescinded. Thus, it is to be acted upon by all believers until Christ summons His church home.

With this great command in mind, ELBC and missionaries to Kampala, Uganda, in East Africa, have united to carry out the mandate given to the church. The providential pairing of ELBC and the Pridgens, as to how it came about, remains a mystery. Nevertheless, it was ordained by God.

Our gospel partnership with James and Cheryl involves prayer and financial support.  Our church is one of many others who hold the rope at hope while they declare the Word of Truth—the Gospel—on fertile spiritual foreign soil.

Since 1996, we have been privileged to participate with the Pridgens and the eternal work of gathering fruit that remains. We remain grateful to our Lord for the opportunity to share in the gospel enterprise among people we will not meet this side of eternity. We are also thankful to the Lord of the harvest for sending this faithful couple into His harvest field. 

In your times of intercessory prayer, remember the Pridgens and their work. We must remember, too, that our participation with our missionaries in Uganda does not exempt us from evangelizing in our own neighborhood, among friends, family and others in our sphere of association.

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