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Pastor Wilson's Book Recommendations


Terry N. Wilson, Pastor-Teacher


Gender Ideology

Gender Ideology

By Sharon James

Only those who are not paying attention to current events have missed the discussions, legislation, and protests around the issue of gender.

Transgenderism, gender fluidity, and gender theory, to name some of the terms used, are fueling cultural change and harming multitudes with the denial of the truth about the distinction of humans as male and female at birth.

Christians are confronted with the reality of the world’s propagation of the error concerning the binary nature of the human race. Sharon James has written an eye-opening, clear, and compelling book about these ideologies in Gender Ideology: What Do Christians Need To Know?

Believers must not be like the proverbial ostrich, but rather with our minds engaged, be aware of the destructive changes in our culture and be ready to present the truth of divine revelation and the certain hope of Jesus Christ to a dying world.

James’ book will help the thoughtful believer grasp what is happening around him or her and be equipped to be useful for the spiritual good of others.

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By Sinclair Ferguson

At the moment we were born again, the spiritual ability to grow into the likeness of Christ began. The Bible is the primary means by which God sanctifies His people (John 17:17).

In addition to the invaluable and indispensable Scripture, biblically sound Christian books by gifted teachers and theologians are an immense aid to our ongoing spiritual development.

The featured work by Ferguson will repay you rich dividends. You will be helped in “growing up and going on in the Christian life” as the book’s subtitle states.

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