Due to the Coronavirus preacautions, ELBC will not meet at our church building until further notice. 

However, we will post our service on our website, our ELBC Facebook Page and YouTube Channel at 11am cst. 

Books by John MacArthur

Due to Covid-19 precautions, we are temporarily suspending our book display in the church building; however, we are featuring our selections online.  You will find all books that are available for purchase pictured below.  

If you have further questions about a title or would like to purchase a book, please email us at office@elbcnorman.org and we will be happy to assist you. 

Because The Time is Near         Christ's Prophetic Plans         The Glory of Heaven          
$12.00         $12.00         $6.00          
The Gospel According To Jesus         The Gospel According To Paul         Keys To Spiritual Growth          
$17.00         $7.00          $15.00          
 The MacArthur Study Bible         Daily Bible          Master's Plan For The Church          
$25.00         $16.00           $13.00          
 None Other         Right Thinking In A World Gone Wrong           Slave          
 $11.00          $8.00         $14.00          
 Strange Fire         Truth About The Lordship of Christ          Why Believe The Bible           
$14.00          $14.00          $9.00          
Why One Way          Worship The Ultimate Priority                    
 $10.00         $11.00