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Archives for January 2021

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Genuine Christian Repentance in Tumultuous Times: An Example

Genuine Christian Repentance

Genuine Christian Repentance in Tumultuous Times: An Example We have seen the latest racial and political train wreck unfolding in slow motion over several years. The temperature on the ever present, simmering hate and bigotry residing in the DNA of this country began to boil with the election of Barack Obama several years ago and has fueled the divisiveness and radicaliz...

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Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

Reports from the recent presidential election results indicate that approximately seventy-seven percent (77%) of white self-professed evangelical voters supported Donald Trump, chief anti-masker. It is no surprise that Christianity Today and National Geographic surveys from June and October, respectively, indicate that this segment of the population is, together with Catho...

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